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Welcome to the second blog of the Young Gen’ support crew, otherwise known as “The Invisibles.”

  Well, since we last spoke we have all had a busy summer. Well I say that but some had a busy summer whilst others lazed away the days on foreign beaches or blocked up the roads of this great isle of ours with caravans or went to top up their quota of radiation by getting as close as they could to Fukushima nuclear plant!!

Way way back many centuries ago, Back at HQ the summer started with summer school and the first thing to be done there was to build the staging, hang the backdrop and put in the sound rig. If you have ever tried to put together a 20 foot by 20 foot jigsaw you will know what the crew were up against. The lorry driver delivering coffee worked overtime but we got there eventually:

HQ floor

As you can see, the first of the props (courtesy of Clive!) in the form of the school crossing lollipop made an early appearance.

After another highly successful summer school the rehearsal hall was emptied and the team went in to re-decorate. A special mention in dispatches here to Ben “Ruby” Wilton who even brought in a note from his mum when he was late in!! As you can see, the hall looks much brighter now and, dare we say it, seems to be a place far more conducive to getting some hard rehearsing done in:

decorating 2decorating


The more observant amongst you will have noticed the blinding light shining through the skylights in the pictures (to give you some idea of the brightness in there, they were taken without flash!). This is due to the fact that our very own “Fiddler On The Roof” Mr. Barrie White-Miller has been working up on the roof all summer without the aid of a parachute or safety net and scrubbing the skylights (We think we have done most of the scrubber jokes but feel free to email yours in!):

Barrie roof


Apart from a free cold shower for Geoff and Neil he even got most of the buckets of water onto the windows!!!!!

In the meantime it is now full steam ahead for “Joseph”.

Not sure who put Tony and Mark in charge of finding a camel but really guys??


Still, at least they were persuaded out of their original plan of a midnight raid on Colchester Zoo!!

Apart from “Joseph” the other work in progress at the moment is the loft conversion where a new archive room has been created and extra shelving is being built so watch this space………

 Strange as it seems we leave you with this thought….

 Some folks dream of the wonders they’ll do before they’re time on this planet is through.

Some just don’t have anything planned, they hide their hopes and their heads in the sand.

Now I don’t say who is wrong, who is right.

But if by chance you are here for a Thursday night, then all we need is an hour or two to show the tales of a dreamer like you.

 Pharaoh has now left the building………

And now for something completely different……from Mark Smith

An Unassuming Door

There exists a door

An unassuming door

And behind that door is where the dreams for others are realised

A place where fulfilment and satisfaction would be hard to disguise

No greater prize

Seeing the confidence and happiness in the children eyes


There exists a door

An unassuming door

And behind that door is where masters meet volunteers

No place for fear or tears

A place where humanity walks hand in hand with insanity

An unselfish place

Time for one

Time for all


There exists a door

An unassuming door

And behind that door every nook and cranny has a story to tell

Hero’s to lovers, mothers, fathers, brothers and sisters

Mythical animal to the school children from hell

Barricades to the cat’s whiskers


It’s all there waiting behind that unassuming door

A place where fulfilment and satisfaction would be hard to disguise

Is there a greater prize?

You could imagine then seeing the happiness, excitement, confidence in a child’s eyes