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Amanda Ling

I  joined Young Gen for Toad of Toad Hall – back in 1971/2 !!
I studied drama / dance  at a several places including the Central School of Speech and Drama.
I now work in theatre in education – have done tv work directed and choregraphed professionally.
I currently work as a director for Konflux Theatre company, as a workshop leader for the London Workshop company , Eastside Educational Trust .
I also teach dance, drama, yoga and pilates.

Young Gen for me was my social life, I am still great friends with a gang of us who were in many productions directed by Phil Payne and Ray Jeffery. It inspired me to find my career route in theatre of which there are many roads.
A lot of us are still in the business in some way and still meet up.
I do sometimes return to Chelmsford and still have friends and family here.


About Us

Chelmsford Young Generation is a music and drama society (charity registered) for young people aged 8 to 18, established in 1968. They work with professional directors to perform two shows each year at the Chelmsford Theatre.